• Texas Car Insurance Requirements

    Legal Requirements for Car Insurance in Texas

    As with almost all regions in the United States, Texas is a state that has mandatory rules and laws imposed meant to regulate drivers in an attempt to keep their roads safe. Aside from a legal driver’s license, proof of an insurance policy on the vehicle is a necessary possession for anyone getting behind the wheel of a car. Within the mandated Texas car insurance requirements are stipulated minimum amounts of liability coverage one must obtain in order to be legally insured, though there are many additional options when choosing the right insurance coverage.

    Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    One form of bonus insurance that is available is UM/UIM coverage. Though this is not a requirement in Texas, it is particularly beneficial to possess when commuting in higher crime areas. In the event of a crash in which the other party does not actually have any insurance, this safety net makes it so you don’t end up paying out of pocket for the expenses in the aftermath.

    No-Fault Auto Insurance in Texas

    Although the term’s intended meaning may vary by area, a no-fault policy essentially allows the holder to seek payment or reimbursement for any loss resulting from an accident, regardless of the cause or reason for the accident. However, the state of Texas is not a no-fault state, so there are no requirements for this insurance.

    Hands-Free Laws in Texas

    Collisions and other accidents have been on the rise in the past decade, consistent with the boom of technology and the increase in possession and use of cell phones. Most states recognize that it is highly important for a driver’s focus to be on the road at all times, which is why most have implemented varying levels of restrictions on cell phone use while driving. Texas followed suit, enacting a few laws while keeping a strict eye on drivers in case they needed to tighten the reigns.

    Restrictions on Cell Phone Use (and Texting) in the State of Texas

    Hand-held ban: enacted only for a driver within a school crossing zone (regardless if children are present); also see young drivers and bus drivers ban
    Young drivers all cell phone ban: enacted for any driver under the age of 18
    Bus drivers all cell phone ban: enacted for all bus drivers that have one or more passengers under the age of 17
    Texting ban: enacted for all drivers of busses carrying one or more passengers under the age of 17; enacted for any driver within a school crossing zone; enacted for any driver under the age of 18
    Enforcement on all bans: considered primary

     Texas Car Insurance Requirements and Policies

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