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    Texas Car Insurance – Know the Basics

    In the state of Texas, motor vehicle insurance is not an option, it is mandatory.  Whether the car is new or used, it is essential for the owner to have the proper insurance on the vehicle. Unlike many other states in the USA, the state of Texas is considered a “fault” insurance state. This basically means that should a driver cause an accident, he or she is required to pay.  Since responsibility ultimately falls on the driver in the state of Texas, it is important that all of the state requirements are met.

    There are a few basic requirements that drivers must meet regarding Texas auto insurance companies. Drivers must have the following basic coverage:

    • A minimum of $30,000 of bodily injury coverage dedicated to those covered.
    • A minimum of $60,000 of bodily injury coverage dedicated to accidents.
    • A minimum of $25,000 of property damage coverage per accident.

    Texas car insurance companies refer to the above-mentioned coverage as “30/60/25” coverage.  Drivers who are at fault of an accident will see that this basic coverage will pay medical and property damages to the person who is injured in an accident.  Another major requirement of drivers in Texas is that they must carry proof of insurance in the vehicle that they drive.  Uninsured motorist insurance is considered not a requirement in Texas like it is in many other states.  However, many people opt to purchase it anyway.

    Texas Car Insurance Companies

    There are 5 top Texas automobile insurance companies.  They are Esurance, Nationwide, Geico, Liberty Mutual and The Elephant Auto Insurance.  Esurance offers several discounts for Texas drivers, including but not limited to the good student discount, the like to save discount, the drivesense discount, and a host of others.  Nationwide insurance offers a guarantee on car repairs, the capability to see the repair itemization online as well as the ability of the customer to choose trusted qualified repair shops. Geico’s insurance rates in Texas are competitive.  Geico, while one of the major insurance companies, actually tries to maintain affordable rates for Texas drivers. Liberty Mutual has a long history in the state of Texas, having been open and fully operational since 1923 in the state and they offer Texas residents a special discount called Liberty Mutual Advantage. The Elephant Auto Insurance actually offers competitively low cost automobile insurance for Texas drivers. In order to get the best idea of the rates, consumers are urged to call or email the companies directly.

    The best way to discern which of the Texas insurance companies is priced most reasonably, is to compare an average vehicle insurance quote across the board. One way to do this is through the use of the website Cheapautoinsurancetexas.org.  This particular website offers insurance buyers a good way to analyze the deductibles offered by each company and the monthly fee as well. It operates as a one-stop shop for anyone in the state of Texas who is in need of a reliable quote on automotive insurance.  Consumers will be able to get a quick visual across the board.

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