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    If you want to switch to a more economical plan, then you need to start looking for budget-friendly car insurance companies in Houston, TX. There are quite a bit of these around the city and motorists should be able to locate them with diligent research. A good alternative for busy individuals would be to use Cheapautoinsuranceintexas.org‘s quote finder. Initiate the process by typing your zip code and watch as it churns out multiple results within seconds.

    Average Car Insurance Quotes in Houston, TX — Save Up to $659 per Year!

    The average annual premium rate in Houston is far from being the highest in the country but it is substantial enough to make a dent on household expenses. Motorists pay roughly $1,748 every year for their coverage which, to be fair, is a percent less than the mean in Harris County. However, it is 4% more than the Texas average.

    Factors Considered by Auto Insurance Companies in Houston, TX

    Like any other business, providers in Houston want to maximize their profits and lower their expenses. The bulk of their expenses come from insurance claims and so they have studied the patterns that govern these. It turns out that certain factors make clients prone to risks. Knowing about these will allow people to understand why their rates are set so high and make adjustments accordingly.

    • Location — It may be an excellent idea to move to bustling cities if you want to look for job opportunities, but be prepared to pay higher vehicle insurance premiums as a consequence. The elevated rates are due to the preponderance of accidents and crimes in these areas. Houston has the luxury of hosting its 2,108,278 residents across 579.4 square miles so congestion is not that bad at 3,629 individuals for every sq mi.
    • Driving to Work — Drive safely, pay less. Providers will ask about driving habits to determine risky behaviors such as being on the road during the dangerous rush hour and having a long commute to work. Motorists in Houston generally take 27.4 minutes to go from their homes to their offices. According to the logs, Houston tied the rate of fatal accidents in Texas during 2009 with 8.5 per 100,000.
    • Auto Thefts — Sometimes you have to spend more to save money. A good illustration is the purchase of anti-theft devices. They can be considered as additional expenses but they pay for themselves several times over thanks to insurance discounts. Houston police tallied 12,281 incidents of auto theft in 2011.
    • Education — Attaining a degree just got even more desirable. Providers often have educational discounts which favor college graduates and straight-A students. About 17.3% of Houston residents have been found to possess a bachelor’s degree while 20.4% have high school diplomas. In comparison, the rates for Texas are 15.6% and 24.8%, respectively.

    Car owners don’t need to bear the burden of huge insurance premiums forever. There are better options out there which can be tapped to save some money. Use the quote finder on this site to discover car insurance companies in Houston, TX that offer economical plans.

    Don’t forget that Dallas¬†and Austin¬†residents can get their hands on some great discounts, too!

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